Dowa THT America currently runs production 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, including holidays. Dowa is committed to delivering parts to its customers in a timely fashion with Grade A quality. As well as running 7 days a week, Dowa also runs during holiday weekends. This allows Dowa to turnaround parts quickly if needed by a customer.

Dowa currently has 23 batch furnaces, 4 vacuum washers, 4 tempering furnaces, a nitrogen generator, and 2 RX generators. Of the 23 furnaces, 20 of them are brick-lined and 3 of them are retort furnaces which are used specifically for nitriding and GSN at lower temperatures. All 23 furnaces are electric heated batch furnaces which allows for consistent heating and uniformity resulting in better quality. Dowa uses 3 different types of oils to allow for flexibility in processing many different materials and processes.

Dowa does shut down 2 times per year: once for a week around July 4th and again during the last week of December to perform periodical maintenance on the equipment. These 2 maintenance times reduce the downtime throughout the year and are critical for Dowa’s timely production and delivery.